PDF became non-standard while we weren't looking

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PDF became non-standard while we weren't looking


Post by Blogio » Thu May 28, 2020 10:31 am

Remember the PDF standard, the file exchange format for documents that's incredibly convoluted and difficult to program for, but, hey, at least it's a standard that will always work. Well.... not so much anymore. :evil:

There are now 8 type of PDF file. And gosh, are they just so proud of the fact they came up with 8 whole standards, each one somewhat incompatible and doing different things. :lol:

The whole point, the whole art of coming up with standards is making them serve multiple roles seamlessly. Initially, I thought this was the work of a corporate overlord, but NO, it's the work of a standards body, which are the new substitutes for corporate overlords. Someone is making money off this B$. Maybe they're producing high priced software that requires one of the new B$ standards. That way, they can get a kickback from the companies that edit these sorts of file. I have no idea how the scam works.

I would hate to think that it's not a scam. That means the ISO is dumb, incredibly dumb. I have already decided to start ignoring "standards" bodies, since they are obviously idiots or corrupt. But, it may be time to replace the word "Standards", since it obviously doesn't mean what it once did. Try "Premiums", as in you pay extra.

I am officially renaming the ISO the IPO, International Premiums Organization. Just repeat as warranted.
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